The Story of The Butterfly

The Story of The Butterfly

A man once found a butterfly cocoon. He watched it for days on end waiting for the butterfly to emerge. One day a tiny hole appeared in the cocoon and the butterfly started to struggle as it attempted to make its way out into this world.

The butterfly struggled for what seemed like hours but appeared to be making no progress. Concerned that the butterfly might die, the man decided to take action to help the butterfly through the hole.

He snipped the cocoon with a pair of scissors so the butterfly could easily emerge from its tiny home.

Once out, the butterfly didn’t look quite right.

It had a swollen body and small shrivelled wings.

The man watched half expecting the butterfly’s wings to grow and the butterfly to fly off. However, nothing happened.

Sadly, the butterfly spent the remainder of its short life crawling around being unable to fly or support its heavy swollen body with its shrivelled wings.

Unfortunately for the butterfly, the man by helping the butterfly to come out of the cocoon had in fact signed its death warrant.

What the man did not know was that the restricting cocoon and the effort required by the butterfly to eject from that cocoon was what was required to force fluid out of its body and into its wings to enable the butterfly to fly once it left the cocoon.

Sometimes, you may start something and find it very hard to make progress only to give up shortly after.

If everything was easy in life, how strong would we be?

We need struggles and obstacles to grow not just as people but also in our businesses.

If you see an obstacle, don’t head back or try to crawl around it. Instead, stick your chin up and smash that obstacle down.

It’s only when you overcome an obstacle that you will be able to fly.

Good luck!

Javaid Kiyani

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