How I Made $1,104.67 While You Were Celebrating The New Year!

Here’s the exact wording of a message I received recently from a guy called Kaz.

“I want to make money through Internet Marketing – Does it actually work?”

So just to prove to Kaz that it does work, I’ve attached here a screen shot of one of my Clickbank accounts – this basically shows a total of $1,104.67 coming into this account during the last few days of 2010 and the first few days of 2011.

clickbank trnsactions $1104.67

Wouldn’t it be cool if you too could make $1,000 a week, or month from just one of many ways to make money on the Internet.  Now the great thing about Internet Marketing, is that it’s all about following a proven system.  Your first $1 earned on the internet will be the hardest – once you’ve earned this, it’s purely a question of repeating what works – this $1 will then become a $100, $1,000, $100,000+ etc. etc.

So how do you learn the system?

Here’s where I can help.

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This short video explains a bit more:

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I’m always buying stuff to help me out in the business. Anyway, I’ve recently come across this and thought I’d share it with you.

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Become A ClickBank Millionaire This Year

It’s never before been so easy to become a ClickBank millionaire.  Whether you’re looking to sell your own products or promote others products as an affiliate, it take’s minutes to register and if done right, you can earn a great income for months to come.


Here’s a quick snapshot of some recent cheques I’ve received thanks to ClickBank:






Not bad for just a few hours work!

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Wanna Become A Clickbank Millionaire This Year?


image I’ve just been speaking to my good friend Mark Anastasi who like myself has been using clickbank as part of his online marketing strategy for several years now.

When I started on the internet just over 3 years ago, I started marketing via clickbank because firstly that was the only thing I knew. Secondly, it was very easy to set up and finally, it gave thousands of affiliates easy access to my product lines.

Incidentally, my first sale occurred on the same day I started marketing my product. Fast forward to today and having now made over 6 figures via the internet, I still use clickbank for several of my products. Next month June 24th-27th I would like to give you the opportunity to learn from several clickbank millionaires.

Mark Anastasi is hosting the Clickbank Millionaire Masterclass and as my valued subscriber I can get you in for absolutely nothing!

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Best of luck

Javaid Kiyani




ps. a couple of hours after writing the above post, my postman arrived and guess what?

I received the following envelope:


clickbank envelope 17 May 2010


and in it, yes you guessed right – another clickbank cheque:


Clickbank cheque 7 May 2010



Now admittedly, it’s not a huge cheque this time round.  However, for a website and product i’ve hardly touched for the last three years, I can’t complain!