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Dr Javaid Kiyani - Digital Marketing

An effective Digital Marketing strategy is an absolute must if you wish to stay ahead this year. A recent client reported a 31% increase in business as a result of the internet. This relates to new business and new customers. Business he did not have last year. He now reports that his internet clients exceed those coming in from other sources incl. billboards, referrals, walk in traffic, yellow pages and directory listings.

Another client received so many enquiries he personally asked me to stop the campaigns as he did not have enough staff to handle the work!

I’ve had clients achieve multiple listings on Page 1 of Google from having no presence whatsoever 6 months earlier. ‘Owning’ page 1 of Google means that you are the only business of choice for the consumer. As a result of this, your phone will ring and you will get new sales leads and enquiries.

These results are not uncommon. There are more people searching online for products and services than ever before. These searches are being done on a myriad of devices including home computers, tablets and mobile phones.

If you don’t have a Digital Marketing or Social Media strategy please do contact me. I’ve worked with businesses in all verticals at both the strategic and implementation level. If you have a website and social media presence but would like to optimise your performance so that you get more clients, please do contact me too. I take on a lot of projects from businesses that have been unhappy with their current suppliers.

Here’s a list of some recent projects I’ve been working on:

· Blogging for business

· Social media strategy including facebook and twitter marketing

· Video marketing strategies

· Search Engine Optimisation and Organic ranking strategies

· Pay per Click advertising

· Website design

· Copywriting

· Email marketing and database management

Digital marketing is my passion and I have a specialised team including designers, copywriters and marketers. I employ the best and hence we are very good at what we do.

Digital marketing is here to stay. As a business, you need to harness digital marketing and ensure it remains a core element of your overall business plan. I would love to work with you and look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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