Online Branding

If you’re looking to do well in business or your career, you need to brand yourself. You need to ask yourself, how you are different from your competitors and how clients and future employers can find you.

A great example of good branding would be Richard Branson and his Virgin empire. Richard Branson is Virgin and everything he does is associated with his group of companies.

Today, with the internet, it has become much easier to brand yourself than ever before. If you were to search your name online, what would come up? This is exactly what your clients and future employers are doing.

Before you are offered a new contract for your business or a job, your client or employer will more likely than not do a Google search on you. Any decisions are then based largely on Google search results. Having no presence at all may direct your client or future employer to think what are you hiding? This is almost as bad as having bad reviews online!

If you’re not currently searchable on Google, here are 2 simple steps that you must follow today:

1. Get your domain name. If your name is Simon Waldron, do you own I own, and many others. Each of these websites adds to my branding and presence online.

2. Once you have a domain name, you can add whatever you like to your website. Whether you’re looking for more business opportunities or a new job, a great place to start would be to add your CV to your website.

You can add examples of your previous work and achievements. You can also add testimonials and reviews to give credence to your content.

Photos and videos can add a whole new dimension to your website.

I would not try to design the website myself, but would instead employ someone to provide a clean, professional design as your website is your shop window to the outside world. The last thing you want is for your website to look like it was designed by a teenager!

If you need assistance with any of the above, please go to My Online CV by clicking the link below:

Brand myself online

Once you’ve branded yourself, you will gain instant credibility and will find that you are being contacted for job opportunities, business contracts, expert opinions and a lot lot more.

If you have any questions regarding personal or business branding, then please do contact me.