Dr Javaid Kiyani - Affiliates

Thank you for deciding to join the Javaid Kiyani affiliate family. I value your custom.

To date, £1,000s have been paid in commissions to affiliates promoting our products. Please follow the instructions on this page. It only takes a few minutes to register as an affiliate.

HMO Property Riches

“Massively Increase Your Cashflow From Property”

Want to earn money from property investing products?

To join the HMO Property affiliate scheme, please click the link below:

HMO Property Riches Affiliate Scheme

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Your Property Bible

Gain Instant Access To A Barrage Of Highly Sensitive Property Investor Secrets

To join the Your Property Bible affiliate scheme, please click the link below:

Your Property Bible Affiliate Scheme

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Millionaire Property Mentor

“Become a Fast-Track Property Millionaire”

Our students come primarily through referrals. We only take on 12 students a year as mentoring is a very personal experience and does take up a lot of my time. We ask each of our students who referred them to us and pay out commissions to the referrer immediately.

We offer a generous bonus of £100 for new clients that mention your name when they sign up. Please direct your contacts to the following website:

If you are interested in being coached to become a property millionaire, please apply via the link above. You will then be shortlisted based on the contents of your application.

If successful, I will personally contact you myself.

Self Help Ninja

“Earn A Full Time Income From The Internet Without Creating Your Own Products Or Designing Your Own Websites”

Want to earn an affiliate commission from an internet marketing product?

To join the Self Help Ninja affiliate scheme click the link below:

Self Help Ninja Affiliate Scheme

To become a self help ninja, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact me here.