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Social Media For Business

I’ve spoken at a lot of events and seminars and helped a lot of individuals and businesses with their Social Media and Digital Marketing strategies.

After I’ve spoken, I’ve often been asked if I had any copies of my book with me and I’ve always been embarrassed and said “sorry, it’s not finished yet”

Anyway, I’m excited to say that was the past!

My latest book, Like Follow EngageSocial Media For Business, is now almost complete and will be launched in the New Year.  To all those that have pre-ordered Like Follow Engage, your copies will be in the post shortly.

The website for Like Follow Engage will soon be complete and you should be able to order your Social Media Book direct from the website too.

I’ve written this book at a time when a lot of companies are still refusing to utilise the power of Social Media Marketing, and are instead opting to use the same old media methods such as newspaper and Yellow Pages advertising, because it’s the only thing they know.

Today, the economy is still suffering and any organisation that fails to engage with their customers using Web 2.0 technologies will be left behind and face the serious threat of loss of business and in some cases bankruptcy as we have seen time and time again this year.

The most recent case of Comet was attributed in part to its reluctance to use Social Media and Digital Marketing effectively.

In February 2013, I’m speaking at Aston University in Birmingham and here I will again address the issues facing business today and the importance of effectively using what works Today, rather than what worked in the nineties.

If you as a Business are not effectively using, as a minimum, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, you will be left behind in 2013.  I can’t stress enough, the importance of being found online especially in 2013 and beyond.  Smart Phones and Tablets are now being increasingly used to source products and services and my question to you is, what is your online positioning?  How do you fair on Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube……..

If you want to find out how Social Media can help your Business, you may contact me via our sister Website Kiyani Media, otherwise, get yourself a copy of Like Follow Engage.

Have a Great end to 2012, and I wish you all the best in 2013.  I hope we are able to work together in the near future.

Dr Javaid Kiyani, MBA, Author of Like Follow EngageSocial Media For Business