How Twitter Can Help You In Your Business Or Career


Twitter is a very valuable resource especially when it comes to looking for a job, or a contract if you’re a business owner. Here, I will discuss just a few of the strategies you can use on Twitter to help you to source that ideal job or contract.

· Utilise your Twitter Bio. Here you have only 160 characters to promote yourself. If you’re looking for a job opportunity, you need to mention this here. If you’re looking for clients and contracts, you need to talk about your skills and how you can help others achieve their goals via your skills, all within 160 characters. Finally, your bio should point to a website, ideally your Online CV which will provide much more detail about you and your achievements.

· Make use of your Twitter background. There’s a lot of space here that you could utilise. As a minimum, you could add details of your websites and perhaps key skills and responsibilities, if you’re looking to attract a job or client.

· Be sure to post relevant details on Twitter. For example, if you’re an architect, you may want to talk about, buildings that inspire you. This shows your interest in architecture and would certainly gain you brownie points in the eyes of any future employer.

Head-hunters and recruiters use Twitter to hunt out suitable candidates and you need to ensure that the information you post is relevant to any job or contract that you may be attracted to.

If you don’t yet have a website to include in your bio, you need to get this as a matter of urgency. The best website for job seekers, to have in their bio and to tweet about, is an Online CV.

Today, it’s possible to get yourself an Online CV for less than your weekly food shop. You need to do this today, otherwise you may find your job, contract or client going to somebody else.

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