Estate Agents Shouldn’t Use Social Media

Social Media For Estate Agents

Are you an Estate Agent currently using Social Media? If yes, then you could be making a big mistake!

I speak to a lot of Estate Agents every day and am currently helping several with their digital marketing and social media strategies. Time and time again I see estate agents using social media incorrectly – over selling on social media sites can sometimes have the opposite effect to that intended.

With 2.4 billion internet users, 1 billion on facebook and 200 million active users on twitter, your ideal customer is already online and congregating on social media sites. As an Estate Agent, you do not want to alienate your customers by ignoring basic social media guidelines.

As an Estate Agent you should not:

· Post only photos of properties for sale and/or rent – this is overselling and will turn your client base off.

· Talk only about your services to clients – again this is overselling and not the expected norm on social media sites.

· Sell without seeking engagement first – social media is about engaging with your visitors, not selling from the outset.

· Ignore comments from other users – you need to “engage engage engage”

· Talk politics, involve religion – keep your statements and comments neutral at all times. You don’t want to turn customers away.

· Use incorrect language, bad grammar or make spelling mistakes – social media is a public platform viewable by anyone. It is an extension to your business presence and needs to appear professional at all times.

As an Estate Agent you must:

· Use your social media channels daily – I see so many estate agents with social media accounts that have remained dormant for years – this is a wasted resource.

· Talk about topical issues e.g. local property prices, neighbourhood demographics, up and coming areas, local news etc. – this shows that you are human with interests too.

· Add entertaining posts – again, engage with your readership.

· Give an insider perspective to what’s happening with your business – people like to see things that they would not normally see, e.g. pictures of charity events that you have hosted, what you are doing for the community, local schools etc.

· Outsource your social media to a specialist property social media agency – don’t try to do everything yourself. Digital Marketing is a specialism that requires both knowledge and expertise that you as an estate agent do not have time to acquire. It’s best that you concentrate on your business and leave the marketing to an expert.

As an Estate Agent you shouldn’t use social media at all unless you are ready to follow the guidelines in this article. Social media is about building and engaging with communities that share the same interests.

It’s only when you engage with your readership that they will become your clients. As an Estate Agent you should consider employing a social media property expert to handle all your social media for you.

This way you can focus on what you know best.

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